IT Consulting

IT is the core of any business. Once done appropriately, you avoid the head each.

Have you invested in your IT department? How many IT experts do you have in your company, and how skilled and experienced are they? The information technology field is so broad to the extent that you can never have all the IT services you need in your company. Besides, not all IT services are relevant to your business. Some IT services are only vital on a need-basis, making it difficult to hire IT experts in every field. Therefore, from time to time, you may need to hire an IT consultancy agency to help you fix some problems when they arise. This is where SOF comes in. We have a fully equipped IT consulting department made of experienced and professional IT gurus ready to develop the best solutions for your business needs. 

However, we don't discourage you from investing in an IT department; you need it to help you handle other minor IT-related issues where you may not need to hire an agency. At SOF, we work closely with your IT department to help us understand your organization's needs and the existing strategy. Your IT office will be vital in helping our experts understand your company, the set goals, and possible solutions as stated in your business strategy. 

We're always available by email, phone call, and even in the office. Our experts are always ready to listen to you and help you develop the best IT solution for your business. 

Why our IT Consultancy Services?

This could be the question going through your head right now. SOF is an experienced IT company that has been in the industry for the last 13 years, and over the years, we have created a client base of hundreds of thousands. Again, we only hire the best IT brains in the region. All our staff members are taken through a thorough recruitment exercise, to ensure that we only hire the best. Our IT professionals are also certified by relevant state bodies and are regularly trained to keep them updated with the new technologies on the market. When you trust SOF, you're sure of working with the best brains on the market. Our services will always give you value for your investment. 


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